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Ted Demopoulos helps individuals and organizations implement effective Information Security appropriate to their business needs through consulting, speaking, and seminars.

United Press International calls Ted an "IT expert"

Every organization has proprietary business information that must be protected. Maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability of that information is a foremost concern of information security. See our whitepaper, What is Information Security (PDF version), for a primer.

Conversely, the value of some information lies in it being widely distributed. Examples include white papers, product and service information, and most Web site information.

eWeek calls Ted a "leading IT consultant"

Security, which Ted defines as "keeping your business robust and reliable," is widely misunderstood. Security includes not only keeping hackers out, but protecting against natural disasters and any other business disruptions. Security must be tightly aligned with business needs.

What distinguishes Ted is not his two decades plus of experience but his business acumen and ability to communicate at all levels: from programmers and system administrators up to the executive suite.

AllBusiness calls Ted an "Internet guru"

Not many Information Security consultants have published multiple business books, but Ted has. "It's not about the technology," as Ted often says, "but in helping organizations achieve their goals."

"Ted Demopoulos was instrumental in the successful delivery of a major project with us in Hong Kong. He is a results oriented person who brings his great experience and skills to bear with excellent communication abilities and good humour. Our client and staff were appreciative of Ted's abilities."
Philip Dewar, VP Operations, Asia Pacific, Cybertrust

Information Security clients have included Cisco Systems, T Rowe Price, Hewlett Packard, The United Kingdom Post Office, IBM, Motorola, The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club, The Singapore Ministry of Education, and many others.

Ted is a frequent leader of The SANS Institute Information Security bootcamps and other programs, and a popular speaker on security topics.

Why use Ted Demopoulos Associates?

• Results
Ted gets results. He knows what works and what doesn't -- from experience, not from someone else's definition of "Best Practices" or from what he's heard or read.

For over twenty years, Ted has been implementing major technology and business initiatives in some of the world's most dynamic environments even before the Internet came into popular use and before most companies owned any computers.

Ted has been involved in numerous businesses before, during, and after the Dot Com boom and bust, as a founder, advisor, and equity investor. This includes successful ventures as well as textbook failures!

• Superb Communications
Ted can explain and discuss technology and its business implications with a wide array of people, from technical to executive, from production to sales. He can tackle sensitive cross-departmental and cross-cultural projects that can be impossible to handle internally.

"Ted possesses the rare ability to interact and communicate effectively from the executive level down to the people in the trenches – and add value at every level. He has fulfilled several roles for me throughout my career, always with predictably superb results."
  – James Curtin, President and CEO, NeTraverse, Serial Entrepreneur

Ted is a frequent speaker on technology and business topics, interviewed often by the press, and regularly works with and assesses new and emerging technologies. He holds several industry certifications but is reticent to append initials to his name. He also conducts Leadership and Security Bootcamps for The SANS Institute and serves as a Senior Member of The Institute for Advanced Professional Services. Ted holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MS from the University of New Hampshire.

Our Client List Includes:

Cisco Systems Compaq Digital Equipment Corporation
Hewlett-Packard   The Hong Kong Post Office Hong Kong Telecom
IBM   The  ICE Conference InfraGard   
Motorola  The Microsoft Partner Network The Open Software Foundation   
The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club The SANS Institute  The Singapore Ministry of Education
T Rowe Price TruSecure TRW  
The UK Post Office The US Department of Defense USA Today

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