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I live in Newmarket, New Hampshire and have three children: Jamie, Amelia, and Stacie.

Newmarket is about 25 minutes drive from Maine, Massachusetts, and the ocean. It's a rural area and we often see deer and wild turkeys in the yard, yet are only about an hour from Boston.

My children are pictured below. The big lobster is about 8 pounds and overwhelmed my son! He did however eat the smaller lobster, about 2 pounds.

Amelia, Stacie, and Jamie Demopoulos Jamie Demopoulos with Lobsters Amelia and Jamie Demopoulos

I am a fanatical fly fisherman, primarily salt water, and have fished all over the world. The kids keep my fishing in check these days - at least until Jamie is a couple of years older. I imagine "Hey Jamie, let's go bonefishing on Christmas Island next month." Fishing makes me experience beautiful areas I'd never see otherwise. After staring at computer screens, spending endless hours in focus groups and giving speeches, they are even more beautiful in contrast. But I just love to fish - I've even fished in the (horribly polluted) Hong Kong harbor using hotdogs as bait and had fun.

I'm also a competitive ham radio nut. We have these things called "contests", which tend to be all out 48 hour marathons. It's typical for me to operate 45+ plus hours when operating in the single operator category, most of the time with one radio in each ear. There is also a team category, and that is how my station's first trophy was won. We barely beat the competition, and if I hadn't climbed the big tower (140 feet) to fix a key antenna after not sleeping for about 30 hours, we would have lost. I ended up spending four hours at 140 feet on a beautiful spring day troubleshooting the antenna system - it was great. Before major contests I get in good physical shape, biking, hiking and working out in the gym.

I love traveling as well, which I tend to overdo and often enjoy as well. Landing in Nepal or Indonesia or Turkey with no reservations or plans and a few weeks is a fantastic experience! I usually end up screwing around with computers despite my best intentions: I've volunteered time fixing computers in the schools in Sumbawa Besar, Sumbawa, Indonesia, fixing networking problems with email in Nepal, getting obstinate printers to work in Turkish rug shops - all while ostensibly on vacation. As I've got kids now I don't travel like I used to, but will do my best to instill the travel bug in them - I didn't get it until my late 20s.

In the future, my plans include learning to be a world class chef. I can grill, smoke, cook Chinese, and make an awesome Osso Bucco. Other than that, sometimes even the dog doesn't like my creations. I'm serious! I also hope to someday catch a really big striped bass on a fly rod, enjoy lots of time with my wife and kids, and continuing my work as I'm passionate about it.

Oh, I'd like to put up some REALLY BIG antennas too! .

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