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Technology and Security Articles

Govern 'Net Globally, originally published in

Worst Practices in Developing Secure Software

Why doesn't IT get along with everyone else? - And how to fix this An Interview with Dr Jeffrey Stanton, Syracuse University

Why do so many organizations lack appropriate security?

What is Information Security?

Logbook of The World - a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Case Study

Business Articles

You can't spend 20+ years in high tech including reviewing dozens of business plans, surviving a few startups, and 17 years in consulting, without developing some business skills and insights.

Executive Coaching – not required for every Executive

Avoiding “Worst Practices,” or praying at “The Temple of Best Practices”

Ten Ways To Make Leading Project Teams Less Unbearable

Humor There is nothing unprofessional about humor!

The Patron Saint of Sauerkraut

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