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Need a dynamic, entertaining, easy to work with speaker who will make your event a memorable success?

Ted Demopoulos has thrilled thousands of people from Caesars Palace to Disney World, Boston to San Francisco, and Stockholm to Tokyo since 1986. He always leaves audiences and meeting planners happy and inspired.

He is the author of several books on how information spreads on the Internet and is quoted and featured widely by the media ranging from USA Today to the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC to the Los Angeles Times, and Pizza Marketplace Today to the Chicago Tribune.

Ted is also the recipient of the Department of Defense Award of Excellence for speaking.

"You had the audience hanging on your every word. Clearly, you're a gifted speaker who enjoys being in front of an audience - almost as much as they take pleasure in listening to you!"
Bob Cargill, Creative Director and Copywriter, New England Direct Marketing Association

Ted consults in the areas he speaks, keeping his information fresh, vibrant, and reliable.

His clients range from the US Military to the Singapore Ministry of Information and from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

"Ted's combination of deep knowledge and unique humor really inspires."
Dr. Jeffrey Stanton, University of Syracuse

Ted is an acknowledged master at simplifying complex topics, expressing them in colloquial terms, and relating them to everyday concerns and issues.

"Ted has a unique ability to captivate an audience with his clever insights and droll presentation. He can make the most esoteric and challenging topics engaging and fun for everyone within an organization. Whether it's a tough IT audience or a team of people-focused HR professionals, everybody 'gets' Ted and his material."
James D. Foster, Corporate Learning Services, The American Management Association

Ted is also the author of three books, dozens of educational manuals, videos and audio programs.

 "A great speech can be the highlight of a meeting. Successful speakers are entertaining, inspiring, and have something unique to say! They enjoy themselves, and that enjoyment radiates throughout the audience. They engage the audience and the audience engages them.
– Ted Demopoulos

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